Monday, May 30, 2011

The Author Post: Blog #9, "In Memory Of..."

As I reflect on this somber weekend, I think back to my history books and the teachings of all the memories of past wars that our brave American troops fought in, and knowing that none of those who lost their precious lives died in vain.  We think of all those who survived the war, but have since passed on.  We think of all those who were injured, some beyond repair, who live with those injuries.  We think of all those loved ones who have gone before us and the thoughts, dreams and influence they had on our lives.

As a writer, I look beyond the ordinary thoughts of yesterday, going a step further to emphasize all the faded moments when their lives were rich and thriving, humble and distinguished.  I look beyond those thoughts of ideas, dreams, and excitement they once knew, that we must keep alive for the sake of our children and the ones who remain.  I look beyond to a place of complete tranquility, that rests on all of what they stood for here on earth, a place which remains in our hearts as treasured memories.

If we trace back through the years, dating back to the American Civil War from April 12, 1861- April 9, 1865, we remember that the casualties out-numbered any other war fought in our country.  620,000+ lost their lives in battle, by disease, and in enemy camps.  The many individual battles had devastating results of casualties, like the most horrific being The Battle at Gettysburg (51,112), the 2nd being The Battle of  Chickamauga (34,624).  3rd, The Battle at Chancellorsville (30,099), and the list goes on and on...Spotsylvania, Antietam, Wilderness, etc.  

We think of the many wars and hundreds upon hundreds of battles fought like the Revolutionary War,  The World Wars, Vietnam, War of 1812, and the many other wars that Americans participated in, including the war in Iraq and those who perished on September 11, 2001.  The past history of our Great Country, One Nation Under God, makes us proud and sentimental to our leaders and soldiers in the military, and those who led our country to the best of their abilities.

There are also so many in our thoughts, our loved ones that we miss.  I think of my treasured Mother who went to be with the Lord in August of 2007.  I feel her presence each day, her exceptional spirit guiding me into my future.  She was always my encouragement, and still is, even more so today, with whom I dedicate this post to, and also to Nicholas A. DiLeva, Sr., my fiance's wonderful father, a unique and inspiring man who was one of the greatest influences in my life, and truly one of the kindest people I ever knew.  His family, including Tony, means the world to me.

Memories of those we loved from the past, whether 100 years ago or 1 day ago, will always give us a feeling of thankfulness...being thankful that they graced our lives with their smiles and thoughts.

As we look back, we seek rest.  May it give us great comfort knowing that our lives are better and more fulfilled having known them. Let us also know that their lives are greater now, living at the right hand of God in the most splendid of places.  May all our beautiful soldiers, spouses, mothers, fathers, siblings, relatives, friends, teachers and acquaintances live on in our hearts, minds, spirits and souls forever and ever until we meet again.  God Bless You All on this Memorial Day and always.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Author Post: Blog #8, "Cleansing..Out With the Old"

Last time, I spoke about planting seeds for your future.  Well, another idea in making those seeds flourish is to cleanse out the old, which will, in turn, bring in new challenges, new hope and new promises into your life.

I cleaned my garage last week and got rid of "STUFF" I honestly didn't use.  It felt great!  Now, as I go through my home and look around my basement, I'm thinking, "How in the world did all these things accumulate!?"  I felt like I needed to call CLEAN HOUSE, the TV show!  Anyway, as I made myself begin to clean the cellar, I felt the house become lighter and less cluttered, throwing away junk from my past.

That is how God wants us all to become...less cluttered and letting go of the past so that He can bless us with the promises of our future.  We have a very difficult time "letting go" of things, so we hold on to them, thinking that one day we might need them.  So, all these things that we hold on to become reminders of things from our past.  What we need to do is look toward the future instead of living in our rear view mirrors.  

Now, as I reflect on this, it is easy to breeze through the "JUNK," sifting out my past and getting rid of the burdens and chains that have been placed on me.  I feel a renewed sense of joy and know that my future is up ahead and very bright!!

Today, I had to watch them haul away something very dear to Mom's car..the Lincoln she had so loved to drive.  It was something in her life that she enjoyed so much.  She gained pleasure from driving us all around all the time...and it was in my care for almost four years, since she had gone to be with the Lord.  I know it was just an object, but when I drove it and sat in it, I somehow felt closer to her, as if she were there with me.  I kept it for sentimental reasons, and spent a great deal of money keeping it running. 

Her Lincoln, a beautiful, cream-colored car to look at, was in good running condition.  However, the bottom, which was not visible to the eye, was rusting.  It is kind of like you and me...we may look great on the outside, but on the inside, we may carry heavy burdens that aren't visible to the eye and that make us less valuable to those around us.  We need to let go of these burdens.

I knew that I couldn't afford to keep her car, and not knowing what would need to be repaired next,  I sold it for so much less than I put into it.  However, I knew that it was good to us.  My daughter learned to drive in it and we had some goods times taking it around.  But, needless to say, it was holding me back.

I had tears in my eyes as I lifted my camera and took one last picture of it, before I watched it slowly disappear out of sight.  I had a sad feeling of emptiness, as if part of me had gone with it, and at the same time, had a feeling of relief.  As I thought about it, I realized that it was only an object and my Mom's spirit lives on in everything around me.

Cleansing...out with the old, in with the new, gives one a sense of renewal, knowing that better things are around the corner.

As an author, I can write about new ideas, new dreams and the new ventures up ahead.  To me, getting rid of clutter unfolds new possibilities, looking at my life as just beginning.

Unload the junk, clutter and distractions in your life today.  Let yourself feel lighter, lifting your burdens.  Let Go and Let God.  Thanks for listening!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Author Post: Blog #7, "Planting Seeds"

Don't you just love the Springtime?!  Everything seems new and fresh..nature is becoming green again and new life is creeping into the world.  As I reflect on this past winter, I become more aware of another new season.  A fresh new season of hope and splendor, and with it, comes new horizons.

Have you ever wondered why this season is called "Spring?" I like to think that it is because it gives you a renewed sense of motivation, putting a "Spring" in your step, "Springing" forward to new experiences that life has in store for you.  "Spring" into your life now, in this most perfect season.  How, you ask?  It's simple!  BEGIN BY SOWING SEEDS!  

This is the season for planting SEEDS and watching your earnest effort flourish into beautiful growth.  Well, you can also plant seeds of goodness in your life.  A seed is easy to plant.  All you need to do is take an idea that you are passionate to fulfill and ask God to nourish it.  When your idea comes into light with answers to prayer, that is when your seeds are prospering.  

Think of all that you want out of life; every idea that you've put on the back burner, dreams that you've tucked away and that you bring out every once in awhile, saying, "Someday, maybe." Well, get all those ideas and dreams back out.  Think hard about them.  Pray about them.  And, that is when you'll be PLANTING SEEDS for your future.

When I was working on my manuscript and praying along the way, I was planting the seed for success.

When I was thinking on the idea of becoming an author, I was planting the seed for accomplishment.

PLANT SEEDS in YOUR life today and then watch them sprout!  Just the mere thought of something you want to bring about is planting the seed.  That is the first step to MAKING  things in your life happen.

Make your list of seeds today and share them here.  I'm proud of you all!  Until next time...I gotta go water my seeds.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Author Post: Blog #6, "Focus"

As an author, or anyone who has a dream for that matter, you must remain focused and aware of all that is around you.  That means, stay in tuned to your thoughts and surroundings so you can create wonderful ideas.  This is the main ingredient in writing.  Fresh new ideas that you gather from life will help you become a great "thinker."  Write down any interesting thoughts that come to mind.  Even names you like, places you like to go, and people you may meet along the way.  As you will see, when you begin to put all these thoughts and ideas together, you will possess the makings of a great writer.  Let your mind take you to places you would love to visit, or make up beautiful places in your mind.

Also stay in tuned to what is true and good, obeying God's word, so that you will be blessed in every endeavor.  Then, as your book begins to take shape, so will your life.  You will become all that God has created you to become, and rich, wonderful blessings will follow you everywhere you go and in all that you do.  Have a good night's rest, friends, and I'll talk to you again soon with more uplifting thoughts.