Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Author Post: Blog #28, A Change in the Weather

It's funny how the weather has a direct affect on our mood. Rainy days may find us less active and less motivated. Cold and windy days may find us wanting to stay in bed and under the warm covers. Snowy days may find us dreading to go out and shovel or drive.

However, sunny days may find us skipping and wanting to be outside to enjoy the warmth. Beautiful Spring days may find us eager to get out and do much needed yard work or air out the house after a long winter. Whatever the weather, our mood should stay in tune with the joy of having God in our lives.

With the change of seasons always comes a change in the weather. Find good things about the days that you'd rather have the sun out. Rainy days water the earth and allow us to curl up with a good book. Snowy days allow us to experience the beauty of a winter wonderland and stay cozy in our homes.

People always talk and frequently complain about the weather. Their complaints trigger a decrease of happy moods. When you go places, smile and bring laughter to others. Let your good mood rub off on everyone around you. That is what being a Christian is all about. Jesus wants us to have a good self image and feel great about ourselves inside and out. When He lives in us, His light shines through us uplifting our mood. Let Christ be the guiding light that keeps away your dark rainy days. Whatever the weather, allow Him to always make it a sunny day!