Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Author Post: Blog #18, "Everything is Coming Up ROSES!"

The statement or saying, "Everything is coming up roses" is a hopeful view of what IS and CAN be! It is a vision of everything around you; every sight, every circumstance, every success and every positive effort. Picture yourself in your world viewing everything as just this and seeing roses popping up wherever you look!

It is fascinating to me that we can actually CHOOSE the roses! We can choose how we look at our circumstances either in a positive or negative way. Changing the way we look at things makes the things we look at change! Remember, good ALWAYS comes from bad situations (or situations that we simply think are bad) IF we stay focused on our BIG picture of success. God always has a plan for us during our "storms" and watches us to see how we'll handle them. Passing God's tests brings light to our future and lifts us gently to the next level of accomplishment! Yes, another rose just popped up!

In the event of a storm, look first to the rainbow on the other side. God so brilliantly created beauty in life to reflect on us and to be reminders of what is and could be. Why do you think He created rainbows as a sign of hope and beauty for things to come. He created rainbows to appear AFTER the storm. Look to the end of YOUR storm, and you will see His promise and dedicated smile reflecting through.

He also created sunrises as a sign of hopeful things to come today and sunsets as a reminder of the day's accomplishments, giving us a peaceful rest at the end of a wonderful day, and knowing that great things are in store for tomorrow. 

On the road to being an author, there were a few storms. However, I looked ahead and imagined my "What if."  
My book, Bibletoons: Book One, "Adventure with Noah" became published, book signings began to happen, I began to see my book displayed in stores and online, and now the media events are taking root. Everywhere I look, roses are popping up very nicely. I began with an image of what God was leading me to in my future, I planted that image deeply in my conscientiousness and the seeds took the form of roses!

Your thoughts are the beauty of your soul. Handle them with care. Nurture them with God's light, spread your beautiful thoughts and prayers to others and soon you'll see that Everything is coming up roses!