Friday, December 9, 2011

The Author Post: Blog #16, "His Love...Our Greatest Gift of All"

As an author, there is so much to write about, especially around the Christmas season. It is so easy this time of year to reflect on all the goodness surrounding us and the spirit of thankfulness left over from Thanksgiving. However, as I look around at all the busyness, it gives me a feeling of discontent. People are shopping from store to store to buy gifts for each other. To some, it doesn't matter what they buy, just as long as there are presents to open. Some or most of the gifts probably end up in a drawer or closet, forgotten about. 

In the past, I often found myself thinking how I would afford Christmas. Christmas shouldn't be something to afford! As I drew more toward Christ, I realized that Christmas would be what I made it..loving! Gifts were nice, but not the most focused and important part of Christmas.

It makes me think of the Wise Men. They traveled a great distance bearing extravagant gifts for the Christ-child of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. They wanted nothing but the best for the baby who was born as a Savior to save the world. But, they had it all wrong. Do you think that Jesus would have thought any less of them if they came to greet and welcome Him with only the smiles on their faces? No, of course not! That isn't who Jesus is. Besides, he was a baby and babies love to look at people smiling at them and acting like a child!

He is the one who loves us just for being in His world. We are His greatest treasures! Yes, He created us to be thoughtful and caring givers and receivers, but not of material items that won't matter the next hour or day. He created us in His image to be givers and receivers of Love..HIS LOVE...OUR GREATEST GIFT OF ALL, and the way He intended us to celebrate His  birth on Christmas.

The Three Wise Men are a good example of elaborate giving. In today's society, the theory of, the more expensive the gift, the more people will appreciate it, is misconstrued. This has developed more and more over the years and people have been misguided. As I recall when my daughters were toddlers, they received so many big and costly toys. We lugged these toys to my parent's home when we visited, and wouldn't you know it, all they wanted to do was for my Mother to get out all her pots and pans and wooden spoons so they could BANG on them! A perfect example of "the simple things in life." That is what is truly important..focusing on the "simple things." 

There were the Three Wise Men who were kings, dressed in velvet robes and wearing crowns of the most precious jewels, and giving a wealth of gifts.....and then came a little poor boy up to the manger who had nothing to give the Baby Jesus.  All he owned besides the worn clothes on his back and his donkey...was his drum. So, he played a song on his drum as a gift. That dear little boy gave from his heart..the only thing he knew how to do.

Put away your busy thoughts for a moment and think about your life and all the precious time you have to look forward to with those special loved ones around you. Instead of buying all the latest technology or electronics, plan a special event for your family to share in..a drive to see the Christmas lights, a walk in the snow, playing a guitar or piano and singing Christmas Carols, reading Christmas stories, baking cookies or enjoying a candlelit dinner. There are endless possibilities. Go back to the days of old and create your own treasured memories. 

Bask in all the Glory around you this Christmas season and remember to give the true gift of Love to all those around you. Smile a lot, hug a lot and be especially kind and considerate to those who mean the most to you.  GIVE the Abundant Love of Jesus this Christmas and RECEIVE the Richest Blessings in return!

Merry CHRISTmas to you all.