Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Author Post: Blog #15, "Preparing for Rain..Get Ready, Get Set..GO!"

In life, as in a race, we have to get ready (focus on what we want to accomplish), and get set (prepare for what is ahead), and GO (with earnest). We must "prepare for rain" in order to see God at work in our lives. In one of my very favorite movies, "Facing the Giants," there is a scene that goes like this: "I heard a story about two farmers who desperately needed rain, and both of them prayed for rain, but only one of them went out into his fields to receive it. Which one do you think trusted God to send the rain?...The one who prepared his fields for it. Which one are you? God will send the rain when He's ready. WE NEED

This is a wonderful and insightful analogy of how God works in our lives. He only asks that we do our share and prepare for His blessings.

It all begins with PLANTING THE SEED. When we get a passionate idea that excites us about our future, and we think to ourselves, "What if?" Then, our mind begins to wander with the wonderful possibilities of that unique, passionate idea. We are planting the seed for that idea to take root. Then, we go out and make the choice to make it happen!  Making it happen is when our faith and motivation sets in and we then pursue our goal to the end.

This is where the excitement happens! When God steps in, seeing our earnest, He begins the numerous blessings in our life. He paves the way for each step to succeed, seeing it through to the end..where abundance in all its glory prevails!

I began this very process with a simple thought for a story. I wanted more than anything to become an author. Not just any author, but one whom God would be proud of. I planted the seed for this to occur.  Then, I began to write my series, "Bibletoons." I wanted God to approve of every word I wrote, focusing and letting my words flow. I was preparing my fields for rain.

When I completed my manuscript and submitted it to Tate Publishing, I knew I did my very best for God. Then, I was at the next step of my dream. A few weeks later, I received word that it was accepted and would be sent to production soon, making the publishing date for January, 2012. My manuscript, now edited and polished, is being sent to Layout and Design, where it will soon become my very first book, "Adventure With Noah." I am now blooming where I am planted..becoming an author and working on the next book in my Christian children's series.

Abundance is here for anyone who has an idea and puts it to work. Plant your seed, prepare for rain and bloom where you are planted! God is always with us to guide us along to our well deserved abundance. Share your passion for success with Him and He will show you a life you've always dreamed about. Make it happen..Get Ready (Prepare for Rain), Get Set (Plant the Seed), and Go (Bloom).

If you haven't already seen "Facing the Giants," I highly recommend that you do. It is a wonderful story of facing your fears with the faith of God's guidance and going against all odds to accomplish your dreams.

Besides "Facing the Giants," other Christian movies by Alex Kendrick, Owner/Director/Actor, Sherwood Pictures, and Associate Pastor at Sherwood Baptist Church, Albany, Georgia, are "Flywheel," "Fireproof" and his brand new awesome film, "Courageous." You will want to watch them all! These films will encourage you, as they did me, to build courage and step out in faith to an abundant future.