Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Author Post: Blog #24, "A Novel Idea"

It came to me at 3 a.m. one dark and quiet morning a few years back. It seems that God often wakes me up at 3 a.m. when He wants to speak to my Spirit and answer my prayers. I'd been praying for God to give me new direction in my life. Yes, I'd been doing things I loved and making a living at them. But, I didn't feel fulfilled. I looked back at my whole life on that somber morning, my restless mind taking me in all different directions, and finally came to a distinct realization. I really and truly love to write! I'd always been good in English through my school years, getting special recognition for certain composition works and praise from my teachers. I can still hear the echoing words billowing from Miss Dixon, "Erin, you have it in you to be a great writer someday." (Encouragement is one of the greatest gifts to give a child..I always remembered her encouragement.) I had enjoyed thinking up bizarre stories as a kid and loved acting them out in plays. My dream from five years old was to be an accomplished writer. So, why not? What was holding me back? Insecurity? Thoughts of failure? Maybe, but all I knew was that God was guiding me and would be there through the long journey and that I had to try. 

Bibletoons began with one idea. Do you own a Bible? Do you read your Bible? Well, how would you like to physically jump in it and go back to the Bible days of old? That's exactly what my characters do in this series. They meet all kinds of Bible heros first hand and become part of the story. It is a delicately spiritual series mainly for children ages 3-12 years, although adults love it, too! I wrote the first rough book and shared it with my Pioneer Girls Club that I led at church. They really loved it by their radiant smiles and wide eyes at the end! So, I began to pursue my dream with determined and loving support and enthusiasm from my two wonderful daughters. On my knees, I prayed for God to Bless everyone who came in contact with my manuscript at the Christian publishing company and every adult and child who would read it in the future.

Humbly speaking, the contract was at my door within two weeks of submission, the very first manuscript I had ever submitted and chosen from tens of thousands of manuscripts they receive each year. I would write a Bibletoons series of nine sequels, a total of ten books. So, I ask you..."Does God answer prayers?!" I would say He DOES! Book One, Adventure with Noah went into production soon after and nine months later, in July of 2012, it was a bright and colorful book ready to be introduced to children everywhere! Of course, I can't take the credit for it, as I feel that God is the author!

Within a year's time, Bibletoons became available in over fifty countries worldwide and online, at major book stores like Barnes & Noble, Living Word Parable Christian Store, Books-A-Million and Amazon. I have had numerous promotions and book signings at libraries, book stores, events, fairs, festivals, speaking engagements, radio talk shows and even a TV interview. Bibletoons eBooks including Sony Reader, Nook, Kindle 2, iPad and iPhone 4 are available, as well as new Hardcovers. Bibletoons: Book One, Adventure with Noah continues to bring joy to children.

However, this year sales have slowed down. My second book is waiting to go into production as soon as the first book reaches the sales goal. So, I felt the need to step it up a bit. After all, God may be testing me. It's so difficult not to get discouraged. After all, I want this exciting journey to continue at a faster pace. But, I've waited this long, and besides, it's not about my's all about God's! (It took the Chicken Soup authors, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, 13 years to become an "overnight sensation!")

So, dropping to my knees often, I ask God to help me reach my audience. I thank Him for blessing those who have been reading my work and those who will read it in the future. Writing has become a way of life for me. I design web sites, too, for my company, WorldHorizons Web, that I began 14 years ago, and writing is a major part of my web work. I am writing blogs, such as this one here at The Author Post, and besides my Bibletoons work, I have been writing a Christian Novel that I expect to be published in 2016. 

God keeps my ideas flowing! I know that at this precise time in my life, my writing is touching more and more lives and bringing more and more children to Jesus. The main thing that I feel is essential is that even if only one child sees the window of God's teachings through Bibletoons, then my whole journey has been worth it! I love God's beautiful children and have been called to serve them through Him in this blessed way. God's challenge for me has been A Novel Idea!

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H. Erin Nelson

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