Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Author Post: Blog #2, "My Story"

Well, here I am again, and as promised, here is my story..

Actually, I didn't try that hard to succeed, banging my head against the door..I simply spent my time wisely, little by little persevering.  I began writing my manuscript about 3 years ago, however, I put it on the back burner so many times, that I forgot how much I wanted to be an author!  Something always got in the way, something called LIFE.

Out of the blue one day while visiting with my sister, she handed me an advertisement from a magazine for a writer's aptitude test as part of a promotion from a literature school to draw more students.  I was intrigued and gave it a shot.  I wrote a story of a funny childhood experience, and was accepted to enroll.  I took the 12 month course online, with a leave of absence for a few months when my Mom passed away.  I graduated the next year, with high hopes of beginning a writing career. 

On and off I worked on my manuscript, putting it down for a week or two, picking it back up as time permitted.  Then, one day I got a sudden urge to finish it once and for all...and I did, revising it over and over again until I was satisfied. I should mention, right here, that when God shows His favor, things begin to take root.

I then began to research Google to find the perfect Christian Publishing Company and clicked on the first one that came up.  (God's favor!)  I researched their web site thoroughly and loved them!!  I had heard, as told by my course instructor, that no one ever gets published after submitting their very first manuscript, but rather you'll have to submit it up to 20, 30 or more times!  They didn't want to get anyone's hopes up!  When I heard that, I didn't believe it.  They couldn't make that determination, I thought. I could make anything come about with prayer..after all, that wasn't God's rule!  I GOT my hopes up!

I called the publishing company I was interested in submitting to so I could find out more about them.  Personal contact is so much better than email or letters for a first impression---remember that!  The girl on the phone was so enthusiastic and told me to personally send my manuscript to the Acquisitions Editor, rather than going through the web site!  (God's favor!)  God directed my steps all the way, as I remained totally faithful to Him, and He kept His promise of success to me, that I knew would be just a matter of time--His Time!  Remember, there are two kinds of time...our time and God's time...and ours doesn't count!

This is the most important part and the key to my success...just before the time came to submit my manuscript, I got down on my knees in prayer, asking God, intimately, to bless my manuscript and to guide it into the right hands and to also bless everyone at the company.  I felt so confident.

I submitted it and waited.  About a week later, I got the response that my manuscript was directed to an editor that had been assigned to me.  I waited again, this time for about 2 more weeks, until I received another email from my editor that she was in the process of review and would be contacting me within one week.  This was it, I thought.

At 7pm on a Tuesday night the following week, the doorbell rang.  I was baffled as to who it could be.  Going toward the door, I heard a truck's engine start up and drive away.  I opened the door and a Next Day Air Package fell inside the door.  I looked and it was from my publishing company!  I knew, right then, that it had to be a contract.  If it were refused, I would have gotten a simple email.

My heart was in my throat as I opened it and read an incredible letter accepting my manuscript, and saying that it would be an honor for them to make it into a book!  I was speechless.  I ran into my daughter's bedroom with an astonished look on my face.  She panicked thinking something was wrong.  Then, I began screaming and jumping around as I handed her the letter.  She immediately stood up and we danced around her room for awhile, yelling and screaming in excitement.  Then the phone calls began.  She began calling people, because I was crying so hard in joy.

Picture a similar circumstance in YOUR life.  Picture how you want it to play out, making it happen little by little with prayer.  God listens to our hearts and knows what our dreams are.  He wants to bless us if only we'd ASK...Ask, and it shall be given unto you, seek, and you shall find, knock, and the door shall be opened to you. ~ Matthew 7:7 (NIV)...words to live by!

Let your excitement rise now.  Tomorrow, I will tell of my progress getting my manuscript ready for resubmission,  and preparing it for production.  By the way, for all of you who have already succeeded beyond your expectations, I'd love to hear your stories, too!  Please share them, responding  right here so you can also inspire others to improve their lives and get out of their comfort zones, feeling comfortable in other places and loving it!  Tune in tomorrow...thanks for reading!  "How do you change the world?"...One Act of Random Kindness at a time!"

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