Monday, April 25, 2011

The Author Post: Blog #5, "God, the Author of Your Life"

Well, it's Monday night, the day after Easter.  I hope everyone had a chance to reflect on beginning again with a new YOU!  Easter is a very humbling day of rest, knowing that on this day, all those hundreds of years ago, Jesus died on the cross for you and I, taking all the sins of the world on His shoulders so that we could live a free and cleansed life.  What will you do for Him today in return?  Do something personal for the Lord today..something He would be truly proud of, and make this an exciting habit.

God is the Author of your life, of all our lives, for that matter.  He has already written the book of your life and He's watching you play it out.  He knows that you'll make mistakes and blunders, but He also wants you to learn from them.  Try your best now to be smart with your decisions and always ask yourself in every situation, "What would Jesus Do?" Make Him proud and you will be blessed beyond belief!

Let the Spring bring about wonderful new beginnings. Writing about things in your life is a great way to start your career.  Keep a journal of all your thoughts.  This could, indeed, help you decide what you could put into a book.  Keep a clear conscience and a clear mind for some awesome ideas!  Until next time...thanks for reading!

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